General Information

Lyndale Secondary College is a large Years 7 to 12 single campus educational provider. The school population is approximately 1255, which also included students undertaking a community VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) program. Established in 1961 to serve the North Dandenong area, it is well developed in terms of its educational, sporting and cultural resources and is highly regarded within its local community. The school offers VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education, VET (Vocational Education and Training) and VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning), as well as English as a Second Language and Integration support programs. Over 20% of the school population was born outside Australia in over 50 different countries. The proportion of students from the Horn of Africa has increased the cultural diversity of the school over recent years. The school is anticipating involvement in a comprehensive rebuilding program to replace a significant proportion of the current buildings with accommodation more appropriate to the requirement of students and the wider community.

Literacy Program

Numeracy Program